Outlook: Coming study trips in 2020

Out of the experience of the first two study trips organized by the contact points for Cleantech SME from LT, DE, PL and SE, the contact points developed needs-oriented offers for study trips to be organized in the coming months and years. Please, find a short description below. In case you are interested in joining one of these study trip or using one of the offers as a team, please, get in touch with your contact points.

Cleantech study trip offer 1: Cleantech developments in Sweden

Join a 2-day study trip to Karlskrona and Ronneby with focus on Cleantech structures and solutions in Sweden. The first day includes a visit to the Blekinge business incubator, Blue Science Park and Affärsverken. Affärsverken is a municipality owned utility company who has implemented many cleantech IOT solutions. On the second day, a study visit at the ORC powerplant in Ronneby will be arranged. Here, the study trip participant have the chance to learn more about a biomass fueled CHP connected to the district heating system.

Cleantech study trip offer 2: Latest Cleantech technology developments in Rostock region

The 2-day study trip will offer presentations, technical visits and networking in the area of waste management and renewable energies. The first day will be a presentation by the Ministry of Economics, Work and Health of the federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the regional network enviMV on the branch of environmental technologies in Schwerin. In the afternoon visits to one of largest land fills in Europe and a thermal treatment plant for RDF are planned. In the evening a networking event to meet local cleantech SME, universities and research institutions will take place in Rostock. On the second day the Center for Renewable Energy and the Agency for Energy and Climate Protection of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern will inform in Neustrelitz on the latest development on renewable energies in Germany. In the afternoon it is possible to visit a biogas plant, a solar or wind park in the region, according to the demand of the participants.

Cleantech study trip offer 3: Circular economy solutions in Lithuania

Make use of the opportunity to take part in a 2 days study trip that is dedicated to practical and strategic provision of future cleantech solutions in Lithuania. The first day includes visits to the waste and biomass incineration plant „Fortum“, the unique geothermal station „Klaipedos geoterma“ and the „Klaipedos vanduo“ water cleaning facilities, where biogas is used for production of heat and electricity. The highlights of the second day are visits at the new Klaipeda basin, where modern solar energy and water cleaning solutions implemented, and the new biggest in Lithuania holyday complex „Atostogų parkas“ with installation and use of geothermal water for health procedures. A creative discussion on subject of Smart growth cleantech decisions in maritime sector with representatives of the Lithuanian Cleantech sector will round off the event.

Cleantech study trip offer 4: Hydropower plant industries in Poland

This study trip will last two days and lead the participants to Silesia Voivodeship. The first study trip day will focus on the participation in the conference Hydropower Congress, which is organised by the Small Hydropower Development Association. The conference addresses RES producers and investors planning projects in the field of hydropower. During the congress the current legislative situation will be presented, solutions to current pissues related to the industry, methods of financing new projects and the prospects of the operation of the power plants in the coming years. On the second day, the program will be dedicated to visiting nearby water power plants, but also include a business meeting between invited companies and small hydropower owners.


Special offer in spring 2020: Study trip for Cleantech SME from the South Baltic Region to Uzebikistan

Uzbekistan has about 33 mio. inhabitants, about 40 % of the population (around 10,4 mio.) are under 18 years old. About 65 % are under 30. The capital is Taschkent. The modernization of the waste management is just slowly developing, the majority of the waste is intended for final disposal to land fills. They have been renovated and new ones were established. In 2014, waste separation was introduced nationwide, and the corresponding government regulation are mandatory for all households, companies and organizations. Accordingly, plastic, metal, glass, paper and organic and residual waste must be separated. This is to provide the conditions for recycling. The aim is to produce these important raw materials such as PET, instead of importing them. Main areas for cooperations, knowhow and technology transfer are water, waste water, waste and reduction of emission. The association enviMV is organizing a study trip to Uzbekistan in spring 2020 for cleantech SME. For more information please address the German contact point.

Alle presented study trip offers address companies that meet the following criteria:

  • They are small and medium sized enterprise (SME)
  • The SME or its products and services must be related to South Baltic coastal region
  • The SME is working or planning to work in Cleantech fields of green mobility, green waste & water processing, green construction & renovation and renewable energy sources
  • The SME is specializing on green and blue innovations







Clean Tech International study trip 2019: Passive Housing expertise in France

The 2019 study trip organized by the Clean Tech International project team took Clean Tech SME from the South Baltic Region to Colmar in France. The study included a visit at the Habitat energy fair and a full-day study tour of passive house buildings with smart technology - please, see the detailed agenda above for getting further information on the program. More than 20 SME from all South Baltic countries took part in the journey which gave them the opportunity to meet international cooperation partners and to get acquainted with new networks, products and services.



Clean Tech International study trip 2018: E-mobility know-how from Denmark

The first study trip arranged in the context of the Clean Tech International project led SME from four countries to Denmark. One of the highlights of the trip was the visit to Samsö as one of the Cleantech best practice places in Northern Europe.