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APQP4Wind is going to be a requirement


If you want to closely cooperate with the best companies on the wind energy market, you have to constantly develop and improve. If you want to become a reliable supplier for wind turbine manufacturers, you have to invest in APQP4Wind standard. At least such conclusion can be made after latest APQP4Wind session at AWEA WINDPOWER 2019 in Boston, USA.

During the session, top players on the wind energy market: GE Renewable Energy, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Vestas Wind Systems and TPI Composites shared their point of view on what APQP4wind means for business in terms of cooperation between wind turbine manufacturers, suppliers and sub-suppliers.

APQP4Wind started in 2014 as a project across leading companies on wind energy market. The concept of this standard is being introduced to wind turbine OEM’s suppliers since 2018. Now it has been announced that since June 2019, all new suppliers’ qualifications will be required to comply with the APQP4Wind standard.

Also, any current supplier is expected to implement APQP4Wind standard as well. The main result of using above-mentioned standard is said to be flow improvement throughout the entire supply chain. The measurable way to conclude it is significant reduction of non-conformity reports coming from the customers. Thus, final benefit is reducing the cost of bad quality.

Visit to learn more about key benefits behind the standard and how to get trained in it.


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