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Car sharing in Poland – join in!


Car sharing services, also known as car for minutes are a great example of sharing economy that brings new business opportunities and is considered environment-friendly. Car sharing services are well known in Western European countries like France or Germany. Now it is a good time in Poland for a fast growth!

It is no secret that owning a car is rather expensive in Poland. The typical alternative is public transport or taxi services. However, it is calculated that car sharing services are in general much cheaper than taxi services and, compared to public transport, offer much more comfortable conditions for a similar or slightly higher price. Another advantage is of course environment protection – shared cars, often hybrid or electric, are far better utilized than private vehicles, thus produce less amount of pollution.

Nowadays, car sharing services are available in 11 Polish cities, mostly concentrated in big ones, like Warsaw, Krakow or Wroclaw. The biggest part of the market is taken by local businesses, raised during last 3 years on a new trend of growing popularity of car sharing services in Poland. Currently, there is still a lot of white stains on the car sharing services’ map of Poland.

There is a lot of opportunities to invest, and having in mind estimated growth of car sharing market in Poland to be around 30% per year, it should be worth it. For example, in the capital of Western Pomeranian region, Szczecin, though there are bike sharing services or scooter sharing services, still there is no offer for sharing cars. With more environment-driven mindset of people and measurable profits coming from sharing cars, now is the time to join in!


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