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Better times for wind energy in Poland are coming


The onshore wind energy sector in Poland is having tough time now and then. The law regulations are changing like on a roller-coaster. Fortunately, it seems like current situation of onshore wind energy sector is improving and better times for wind energy in Poland are coming.

Basically, it all started with so-called anti-windfarms act that was signed back in June 2016. The propheticized doom of onshore wind energy sector in Poland was related to 10h rule – the rule to determine places where wind turbines can be built. The distance between wind turbines and buildings, forests, National Parks etc. has been set at 10 times the height of a wind turbine, resulting in approximately between 1 and 2 km. That requirement made it pretty tough to find new ground for building wind farm or expanding existing one.

Then, two years later in June 2018, an amendment has been signed that was considered a light in a tunnel. For example, the definition of onshore wind turbine has been updated, leading to a better taxing rules. Much more has been changed in line with investors’ interests, but 10h rule remained untouched.

Now, in 2019 we can hear a clear message about strong will to liberate 10h rule. No details are known yet, but according to rumours, the workaround of 10h rule will be through the acceptance of local community. One could assume the decision will be taken by local self-governmental units. To know for sure, we need to wait a little bit longer.

Though it is taking some time already, the law describing the rules of investments in onshore wind energy in Poland is more and more pro-windfarms. This is for sure a good signal for all those investors looking for new investment possibilities in Poland.


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