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Offshore Wind Act to support growth of Polish offshore wind energy


There are on-going works on a special Offshore Wind Act in Poland. Draft should be ready latest until the end of first quarter of 2019 and the official act should be published several months later. The Act is being developed to support growth of Polish offshore wind energy, with plans to include even up to 10 GW of offshore wind energy to Polish energy generation structure until 2040.

This is a strong signal to potential investors and offshore wind energy companies about incoming investment possibilities. Building wind farms on the sea is connected with costly processes of acquiring location permits and environmental decision.

The new act is going to support at least two different groups of investors – those already granted with proper decisions as well as those planning to obtain such permits after 2025. Constant drop of energy prices from onshore wind and expanding gap between cheap renewable energy and much more expensive conventional sources show that, in the nearest future, rapid growth of offshore wind industry in Poland is a real thing.

Only today, Polish companies within renewables sector can deliver as much as 40-50% of components needed for such investment; it is assumed to amount to up to 80%-90% in a few years. Actions taken within offshore wind industry are said to be the impulse also for other branches – sea ports or electrical grid infrastructure can be brought here as an example.


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