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There is a lot to do in Polish Waste Management System


The goal has been set by EU and is very clear – Poland is obliged to recycle 50% of paper, glass, metal and plastic by 2020. This goal, however, is hidden from view by piles of wastes. The latest data is not very promising – though in 2017 planned recycling level of paper, glass, metal and plastic (20%) has in general been reached, in 2018 this level is set to 30% - to reach 50% in 2020.

Very dynamic growth is hard to catch. This has been noticed by European Commission which announced that 14 EU countries – including Poland – may not reach the threshold. Therefore, big investments need to be made in order to reach this ambitious goal. In 2017, EU released 1.2bn EUR for investments in Waste Management in Poland. Those cover construction, modernisation and development of installations for collection and recycling of communal waste.

A lot of investment possibilities are offered for SME also. It is enough to mention National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management projects supported by EU, where subsidies can be granted for waste collecting, sorting, recycling and storing installations as well as for waste incineration installations. Not only European funds are available. There are also Polish funds for Waste Management improvements in areas like: selective waste collection, waste management installations, International Waste Shipment programs, modernisation of vehicle disassembly stations and others.


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