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Export - for the financial solar company


The company Bright Sunday is exporting smart financing solutions for solar and cleantech. By 2018, the company has received more than 3 million euros to finance the company's first project, now installed on the Portuguese market. Now the pace is increasing, with the goal of reaching one billion kronor in climate-smart investments within three years.

The investments come from a total of 34 people and companies. Bright Sunday CEO Niklas Engström considers the commitment of the big investor group as a clear signal that the company is well prepared for the next development phase, which will be characterized by rapid growth.

"- Many Swedish large companies have a high-level of climate targets but lack good solutions to support the development of sustainability efforts in their supply chain where the biggest climate impact is often happening. By offering financing, installation and operation of cleantech in a package, we can support both the environmental competitiveness of the subcontractors and the big companies' climate ambitions”, says Niklas Engström.

In an increasing number of markets, solar energy is now commercially competitive, but in many areas there is an acute shortage of smart financing solutions for solar investments. This is where Bright Sunday comes in.

"- Everything of what we do on Bright Sunday is about creating maximum climate benefit at global level. Portugal is just one of many markets with high electricity prices and a large proportion of fossil fuels where we can deliver both competitive returns and a significant climate effect. That is the essence of what drives us and now we want to get as many as possible on the train," says Niklas Engström.


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