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Do you want your Cleantech business to grow and go to export to other countries? On the 25 of October, the Export association Blekinge had an event "Exportboost Karlskrona", where five companies from Blekinge talked about their export trip. The aim of the Export association Blekinge is to help you and your Cleantech company if you want to reach larger markets and go to export.

The export association provide solutions based on your business needs. At the event Exportboost Karlskrona, organisations like Almi company partner Blekinge, Region Blekinge, Business Sweden, EKN, and County Administative Board etc were represented. In addition to this, and the mentioned the five companies, further stakeholders and companies participated as audiences. Representatives from tex. Lexington, Yellowfish, and BAGA explained as one of many things how digitization affected their business practices and working methods.

For Mattias Nygren at The Station Interactive, digitization was instead a prerequisite for the company. The company representatives at the Exportboost Karlskrona talked also about the importance of knowing the business culture in the country of establishment. The representatives had a lot of examples, such as business differences between Germany, Japan and France. This and much more could the inspired entrepreneurs share with the audience at the Exportboost Karlskrona.

We hope more companies will be able to reach the Export association Blekinge and gain access to more useful knowledge. This could be one suitable organization to continue our work in Blekinge when the Cleantech International project is over.

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