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Polish Railways go electric… once again!


It was rather a sunny, chilly Sunday, 11th of December, 1927. Day like many others, but you could feel the excitement in the air. This day, the first ever Polish electrical train entered the rails. It was the very beginning of the electrification process of Polish railways system.

Over 90 years later, Polish Railways reach another milestone related to electrification – but now it is all about Polish cars, not trains. One of the company’s subsidiaries developed charging station for electrical vehicles. These car charging points will be now mounted near the railway stations. The final concept is still under development, but the goal is simple – to enable complete zero-emission traveling – by electrical car to the railway station and further, by electrical train. In the meantime – why not charge your car’s batteries? 4 charging points will be installed until the end of this year. More to come next year.

This is not the end of the story as Polish Railways have more ideas for promoting e-mobility. Currently, there is undergoing analysis concerning starting up e-car sharing services that would aim at renting electrical cars.

All actions of Polish railways take place due to the Act on Electromobility And Alternative Fuels came into force in February 2018. It is to create a framework for the growth of e-mobility market in Poland. This promotes, among others, developing and installing charging stations for electrical vehicles as well as offering e-car sharing services.


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