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Cleantech for new smart building neighbourhood


In parallel with the interest in sustainability and self-sufficiency has increased, the technical options have also become economically affordable for larger parts of society. Similarly, the interest in creating and developing different building communities has also increased. In cases where self-sufficiency is a pronounced goal, it may include food, energy and transport. However, such a residential area requires a more extensive planning than the traditional one.

There are many aspects and alternatives to consider before the desired need can be met. Developments in energy storage and digitization take place very quickly and create immense opportunities for energy-efficient residential areas. From a user perspective, digitalization has great potential to lift energy supply from technical supervision to active participation. In Kalmar there are far-reaching plans in the Smart Village association, to develop a residential area with a high degree of self-sufficiency through a community.

A pre-study is granted, to create self-sufficient energy systems for the future of the area. Contact Point Sweden for Cleantech, the Energy Agency for southeast Sweden, are one of the project partners. The project aims to explore the boundaries of how a modern area can be designed and provide opportunities for a close-up lifestyle while creating new conditions for social community. The results of the study should be able to guide and inspire those who want to go before the rules and already invest in building future societies. The project creates the prerequisites for conducting future groundbreaking demonstration projects in the next step where lessons can be disseminated. For cleantech companies there are big opportunities.

When organizations invest in climate work, new business opportunities are created. A number of subcontractors and consultancy businesses have grown to either clean up in value chains, climate change businesses, or proactively create and develop new sustainable business models


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