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Start-up support for sustainable business. Challenge Driven Innovation


Challenge Driven Innovation (CDI) is a programme offered by the Swedish national agency for growth, for projects which through widespread collaboration seeks to find solutions to address the major global challenges facing societies today. It looks at challenges such as the climate crisis and the transition to renewable energy, sustainable consumption and production, but also good health for everyone, and reduced inequality and social vulnerability. Start-ups must addresses societal challenges which are clearly rooted in Agenda 2030 and can make a real contribution to achieving the sustainability goals of Agenda 2030.

Business ideas should be novel and needs-based and have the potential to generate growth and has international appeal. It provides an opportunity for south Baltic start-ups as the CDI-projects needs to have an international business potential and sometimes it is also important to have partners outside Sweden. They are welcome to participate if they are not coordinating the project and they need to have a business centre or office in Sweden. Last day for this call is the 6th of September. Projects can receive funding in three stages: initiation, collaboration project and implementation. To enable projects to work in the long term to solve complex societal challenges, we grant larger sums in stages 2 and 3.

• In Stage 1 initiation focus is on developing your idea and planning how it will be realized and utilised. In the first stage, the project can apply for a maximum 50,000 Euro.

• In Stage 2 collaboration project, collaboration between the actors and solutions or partial solutions is developed and tested. In the second stage, the project can apply for a maximum one million Euro.

• In Stage 3 implementation is about testing the solutions in a real environment and implementing and disseminating the results. In the third and final stage, the project can apply for a maximum 2 million Euro.

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