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“Circular economy“ initiative reflects mainly physical approach to cut use of materials and energy in production and consumption chain, mainly related to repair, reuse, remanufacturing, refurbishing, and recycling. The try to apply existing approach to tourism service providing by SME met significant methodological and practical troubles to use it. If repair and reuse is easy everyday practice of tourism service, remanufacturing, refurbishing and recycling frequently are out of tourism service cycle, they require specific knowledge, investments, founding, additional expenses and specific work not directly connected to tourism service. They sometime look like try to return to a Subsistence farming, when a family implement all scope of home works.

When nowadays business moved towards to specialisation very far. It’s very difficult to motivate tourism SME to reduce their profitability seeking of abstract social benefit of CE. Applied holistic approach to circular economy in tourism SME business enabled to synthesize holistic concept CE 3.00, which uses overall qualitative leap from linear to circular economy through steps of physical, economical, green, sustainable and smart innovations and enables to reduce office, manual work, materials and energy consumption. Created life cycle, indicators, principles and solutions of CE 3.00 in tourism service enabled foreground significant benefits for business and society. Created and validated virtual Self-assessment tool iSAT „Innovation circles“ enables to use CE 3.00 concept for tourism service innovations.

Scientific article "Circular economy 3:00: tourism service case" just published in scientific Journal of Management.


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