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Investors have shaken Green Energy bonds of “Lietuvos Energija”


Lietuvos Energija successfully launched the second issue of green bonds on Tuesday. 300 million Eur Capital Markets managed to borrow cheaper than a year ago and at a time when the markets do not have the most favorable conditions. 10 years 300 million eur bond issue was distributed with an additional 120 basis points to the current yield swap in euro.

"This means that the emission yield is about 2.07%. This is good news for Lietuvos energija, since a 10-year bond issue with the same 120 basis points bonus was issued a year ago, the final yield of that issue was 2.19%, as the level of market interest rates was somewhat higher, "commented Karolis Kybartas, Girteka Logistics Bond Investment Manager.

"It seems that the last year's scenario was fulfilled - the market agreed to the newly issued bonds of the Lithuanian Energy Bank with its own hands, as the index yield of the bonds allowed during the course of the day was reduced by as much as 20 basis points," the investment manager observes. Investors demand for green energy bonds of Lietuvos Energija totaled 1.2 billion Euros. 

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