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New cleantech forum and funding opportunities between Germany and Sweden


As we have mentioned in an earlier market research article, last year a common cleantech forum was initiated between the German and Swedish governments, The German Swedish Tech Forum. The aim is through an innovation platform share and develop cleantech businesses together.

Now the cooperation has several events and funding opportunities. One of the activities is participating and organizing workshops and conferences. For example, now in June 2018 they will attend the Green Ventures event in Potsdam, close to Berlin (

They have also launched an investment fund for research and development with the aim to develop products, cleantech services and methods for all type of technologies. Behind the fund you´ll find the Swedish agency for research and innovation(VINNOVA) and Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie, BMWi. In Germany the administration is going to be handled by Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand, ZIM.

To receive funding the application needs to address the development of new products, services or/and methods that enhances the sustainable development. Their goal is very similar to this Interreg south Baltic Cleantech project and truly supports any cooperation that has been initiated by the projects cleantech talks or/and development workshops.

The maximum funding is up to 290.000 euro for a SME company. Anne Geitmann of the German-Swedish chambers of commerce says that: - “The funding will help cleantech companies that are looking for a partner in Sweden or Germany and can support market research or/and finding market potential."

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