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Development of heat pumps market in Poland


Polish Organization for the Development of Heat Pomp Technology based on over 6 year studies and detailed analyses of selling heat pumps in Poland and Europe prepared a report that reflects and assesses current situation in 2016 and prognosis of utilizing the technology until 2030. According to the authors of the report the heat pomp market will experience the three-fold increase of heat pomp installation in Poland of water source type till 2020. Analyzing the recent years since 2010 until 2016 the market increases every year and it is foreseen to continue for the coming years alike. Main factors that support this market trend are the activities conducted by the Government and various institutions leading to find the optimal solution to so called “low emission” problem in Poland.

Low emission is the emission of products of combustion of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels into the atmosphere from emission sources (emitters) located at a height of not more than 40 m, mainly from local boiler rooms and domestic heat sources. This phenomenon is also called a smog that is noticeable to the naked eye confirming the presence of low emission in a given area. Its creation is accompanied by certain atmospheric conditions, which are primarily the lack of wind and high humidity. In contrast to many chimneys of large industrial or power plants that make so-called high emissions reaching the zone of strong winds clearing the air much quicker. The Europen Comission seeing the problem supports the concept of the electrification of heating system and the so called “Winter package” that encourages exchange of old boilers not complying with the emission requirement into the heating pumps. Following the positive trends, the main manufacturers have significantly increased their intense activities in the field of research, development of construction and production of heat pumps.

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