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Digital maintenance and information management for energy systems


The complexity of energy systems increases steadily. The operation for the staff is becoming more and more extensively. Regular checks are necessary as well during failure-free operations. This belongs to the maintenance procedure and is forced by laws, regulations, licensing requirements and the manufacturer. This includes for example the federal regulation on industrial safety, the federal pollution control act, insurance association rules for safety and health at work as well as conditions from the approval notice in Germany. Especially at large plants, which provide electricity and steam or heat to urban districts or companies, it is important to provide a safe and reliable power supply. Particularly, the population relies on it during the winter time in Germany. This is a sovereign responsibility of the public authorities.

The complex maintenance for such plants comprises often times of more than 5.000 spare parts and components. All of them are subject to different examinations regarding time and scope, which requires special knowledge of the person who are carrying it out. Therefore it is essential to plan, perform and document the maintenance properly, as this serves as well as basis for warranty claims for installed and new technical parts. The solution is an online based information system that displays all parts for example of a power plant and the corresponding tasks and responsibilities. The advantage is that part of them can be performed by own staff, but some are to be contracted by external service providers; necessary orders can be than prepared within the system. Reports on the maintenance process can be created retroactively, as well as to be planned for weeks and months. With this information the capacity for each employee can be planned accordingly. The great advantages of a digital maintenance are cost and time reductions. That means that no defined tasks of the parts are skipped and the plant shot down is as short as possible. The data can be analysed graphically as well. The aim is to perform a preventive and not an incidence based maintenance for energy systems anymore.

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