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Self-driving legislation just approved for roads of Lithuania


Republic of Lithuania Parliament (Seimas) accepted the law on use of self-driving vehicles on roads of Lithuania as it is approved in some other countries of European Union, including Germany. According to the law, the car will be allowed to move and if there is no person ready to take over the control. The low settled requirements to self-driving cars. According to the law, "a self-governing car must be such that it can travel properly and safely without compromising other road users (....) to choose safe driving speed, to assess the driving conditions, the terrain, the condition of the road, its condition and cargo, meteorological conditions , as well as traffic volume, so that it can safely stop up to any obstacle, as well as stopping the vehicle by checking officers. A self-propelled car must be such that it can slow down and, if necessary, stop safely, if necessary because of the circumstances. "


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