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Transfer of German biogas know-how to Brazil


For more than 5 years, ME-LE Biogas GmbH has accomplished several activities & references in Brazil which led to the establishment of a subsidiary ME-LE Brasil Energia Ltda. During this time ME-LE lead different studies, repowered existing lagoon’s and biogas plants, developed continually specific networks and gathered experiences to extend the future engagement in Brazil. It is a market with more than 207 M inhabitants. 95 % of the waste still is not recycled or treated and just transported to landfills for final disposal. 42 % of the existing landfills are not secured appropriate. Just very few environmental education activities are implemented for the training of specialists and the sensitization of the population in Brazil.

Therefore ME-LE started in June 2017an extensive two-year education and training program nationwide. More than 100 professors and professionals are trained based on a 10 months curriculum consisting of 8 modules. In the first cycle more than 30 participants, leading academics from different universities in Brazil, are trained in Uberlândia, the federal state of Minas Gerais. Seminars about practical and theoretical biogas knowledge and experiences are held by the director of the ME-LE Academy, Mr. Dr. Michael Illig. He recently received an honorary professorship for his long term experience as an international lecturer in the area of biogas. In workshops and by the application of a new developed e-learning platform the ME-LE Academy provides an innovative learning experience to the participants. Moreover, ME-LE is repowering a 75 kW biogas plant in Toledo, the federal state of Paraná, as a demonstration project for the training program. Thus, the participants have the opportunity to gather first hand experiences regarding the practical operation of a biogas plant.

In addition, several events are organized to extend the awareness about the usability of biogas technology in economic and ecological terms. After completion of the first training cycle and the repowering of the biogas plant the second cycle is taking place in order to integrate the training program into further education programs. Thus, the whole format of this training program shall be further applied by authorities to educate and train biogas experts by vocational training. This project enables ME-LE to strengthen the awareness in Brazil regarding biogas technology. ME-LE considers this program as a further opportunity to enhance its own engagement in biogas projects in Brazil. The potential in terms of disposable waste, needs of decentral energy generation and new possibilities to treat waste are additional reasons that ME-LE considers this training program as the next step for further biogas activities in Brazil.

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