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New urban villages goes cleantech


The public movement into creating more sustainable dwellings takes too long thinks many people. In Sweden several persons and families are looking for sustainable housing areas with a high degree of self-sufficiency. One of those is the association Smart Village who are looking into find a place for their members. After a presentation made by an architect they approached two municipalities in Kalmar county with a very positive response. One of them even offered a development plan that will be adjusted to their needs. The concept of self-sufficient housing estates requires a high degree of cleantech solutions for energy, water, waste, wastewater, transportation etc. In the small village of Simris, in the region of Skåne, an ongoing project tries to make the village self-sufficient on energy on a yearly basis. The progress can be followed online by a live stream of the energy consumption and production. To choose energy supply, energy storage and to minimize the energy need is vital to the success of self-sufficient smart housing areas which will need not only cleantech but also new digital solutions. This area will increase the R&D for cleantech solutions the coming years.


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