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The road to a fossil-free fleet


In Sweden, extensive work is being done to switch to a fossil-free fleet. The government's goal is that Sweden will have a fossil-free fleet by 2030. Many projects are in progress in parallel with this work, where many municipalities, county councils and companies have set the same target, though as soon as 2020 instead. In this area, The Energy Agency of Southeast Sweden, carries out a project, that aims at spreading knowledge to the regions public actors. One example of this is which are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of renewable fuels, when they are appropriate and in which vehicles. The Agency also operates projects with transport optimization and logistics. Another of the Agency’s project shows that it is possible to produce liquified biogas (LBG or Bio-LNG) in the region at a competitive price relative to diesel in road or maritime transport. An interesting project in the region implements procurement of the charging station's infrastructure for EV; s. Work on organizing passenger cars with car sharing is ongoing, where a workplace, the staff and possibly the neighbors of the car owner share the same car. In the project, it is equally important that the possibility to find fossil-free fuels filling stations exist, as knowledge of where the stations and refueling stations are situated is vital for a customer, so a project development for a public common digital platform is ongoing.

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