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Fossil free for a better environment


The Kalmar county public transportation (KLT), now drive all transportation on 100 % fossil free fuels. The majority of vehicles runs on regional produced biogas with a yearly demand of 54 GWh. Mainly in municipalities along E22 and some connected areas. The other part runs on fossil-free synthetic diesel (HVO). Biogas fuelstations are located in Kalmar, Mönsterås, Oskarshamn, Västervik and Mörbylånga. In all these places, the public is also given the opportunity to refuel biogas.

Already in 2008, the regional federation's board in Kalmar County, agreed upon the objective that the region would have no net emissions of CO2 by 2030, and all public procured transportation would be fossil-free by 2020. In 2010, the county administrative board presented more detailed goals and interim targets which have been implemented in all sustainable action plans at local level. Since then, a fierce work has been ongoing making the impossible possible. Many municipalities have already changed most of their car fleets to sustainable alternatives and from 18 August 2017 and ten years forward, all of the public transportation in Kalmar County is 100 % fossil free.

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