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National energy progress strategy is needed


Lithuanian wind energy association (LWEA) expressed criticism to draft National energy independence strategy, initiated by Ministry of Energy of republic of Lithuania. LWEA stated, that maybe seventh time the future of Lithuanian energy is trying to provide as process of keeping of fossil fuel and import of electricity until 2050. It’s mean, that for 32 years consumers of Lithuania will pay more as 4,6 billion of euro to foreign energy suppliers, significant part of which is Russian and Byelorussian war-industry complex, which evidently demonstrate aggression against State of Lithuania and other Baltic States. It was concluded, that National energy progress strategy is needed, which should be grounded on really growing facilities of progressive sustainable energy: wind and solar energy, smart houses and electric transport. The position was addressed to Republic of Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite, Head of Lithuanian Parliament Viktoras Pranckietis, Government of Republic of Lithuania, Ministry of Energy, State security department and mass media.

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