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National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Poland financing pro-ecological initiatives of Polish SME’s.


The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFEP&WM) which was established in 1989 is the main source of pro-ecological investments in Poland. For the last 26 years it has been the most important part of the Polish system of financing environmental protection and water management with the greatest financial potential. It’s offer is tailored to a wide group of potential beneficiaries: local governments, public entities, and a broad financial offer to SMEs.

The National Fund ensures the optimal realization of foreign funds intended for environmental protection, including the Cohesion Fund, the European Regional Development Fund, LIFE + Program, Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism. The beneficiaries can take the advantage of the assistance and support provided in the realization of environmental projects predominantly those that fulfill the environmental commitments of Poland resulting from membership of the European Union.





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