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Results of RES auctions in Poland revealed


Lately, the results of RES auctions in Poland have been officially announced. The main reason to run the auctions was to provide support mechanism for renewables, where, based on prices offered, the most competitive installations will receive a 15-year period guaranteed support in energy sales. Prior to actual RES auctions, auction simulation took place earlier this year.

This happened to help develop optimal bidding strategy and define optimal price of electricity from different renewable sources. Auctions were announced for several renewable energy sectors to ensure diversity in growth of renewables in Poland. Separate auctions took place for: on-shore wind installations and PV installations; biogas, biomass and waste incineration installations; hydro, geothermal, biofluids and off-shore wind installations; agricultural biogas installations.

Each sector was additionally split in respect to total power installed greater than or less than 1 MW. Already published results give an overview of renewables in Poland. For example, when it comes to on-shore wind installations and PV installations with total power installed greater than 1 MW, 23 different companies were offered 15-year support with price range PLN 157.80 – 216.99 per MWh. A few auctions were not resolved, while a few are still waiting for the results to be published.

The amendment of the RES Act in Poland that was issued in June 2018, is aimed at stimulating the growth of the polish renewable energy sector. RES auctions are mechanism that strengthen this growth by supporting also SME in renewables installations investments. More auctions yet to come in incoming years.


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