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Pollution of air by solid particles exceeded limited values in al towns of Lithuania


The Environmental Protection Agency reports that on Sunday (2018-02-25) the average daily particle concentration in the air slightly exceeded the limit values in Klaipeda and Mazeikiai. At the end of the last week, on Friday, extremely high pollution was in Siauliai - it was almost three times higher than the norm. Pollution here was 139 micrograms per cubic meter and the limit value is 50 micrograms. The pollution exceeded the limit value in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Panevezys, Kedainiai, Mazeikiai, and Naujoji Akmenė. According to the agency, high levels of air pollution could have had a major impact on emissions from thermal energy production. Hovewer, Oil refinery factory in Mazeikiai, Klaipeda harbour oil, fertilizers and other not containerised cargo, heavy trailers working on diesel fuel also adds their deadly impact in to reduction of health of people living here. The pollution was lowered on Saturday and the limit values were not exceeded anywhere. According to the Hydrometeorological Service, in the coming days there will be an unfavourable condition for spreading pollutants, in many cities there will be a high probability of exceeding the daily limit value of a particulate matter.



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