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Favourable moment for growth of wind power in Lithuania


500 MW already installed in Lithuania wind power plants on windy days cover about 20 percent of the whole country electricity need. On average, wind power stations generate about 13-14 percent of needed electricity over a year. Double this figure to make at least 25% we need electricity. Is that possible? Undoubtedly. Lithuania has very strong electricity transmission networks capable of receiving another 500 MW of wind farms without major challenges or investments. In addition, wind energy price has already fallen by about 50%. The purchase price of wind energy in Lithuania in 2011 was 0.087 euros / kWh, and in 2016 it was already only 0.0656 euros / kWh and could be even lower if auctions were held in 2018 year.

Wind power developers state that it is necessary to take advantage of this favourable moment for the construction of new power plants. And the use of funds allocated to support previously installed wind power plants could double the installed capacity without increasing the price of electricity for consumers. Businessmen are already drawing new projects on paper and waiting for government decisions. It is expected that they will be adopted already at this spring session of the Seimas, when the National Energy Strategy project will be discussed. Then we will be able to observe the further development of this, not only environmentally friendly, but now the cheapest, type of energy in our country.


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