Contact Points

Contact Details

Northern Chamber of Commerce
Jacek Wójcik
Al. Wojska Polskiego 86, 70-482 Szczecin, Poland

Contact Person

Jacek Wójcik / International Project Manager at the Northern Chamber of Commerce

Jacek Wójcik has a long international experience in realization of many international projects including those from the Baltic Sea Region (i.e. Baltic climate project) related to environmental issues. His experience also involves working for the British Telecommunication where he was involved in managing issues related to building exploitation where the waste disposal and recycling management innovative solutions were of his main priorities. He has a broad knowledge of the local cleantech market and awareness of all the issues related to it.

Main Aim

The main aim is to serve as a Contact Point for all interested stakeholders in their issues connected to the Cleantech industries.

Activities in 2018/19

Over the last 12 months, the Polish contact point supported SME from Poland and other South Baltic countries via organizing or contributing to the following offers:

  • Co-organizing the 2nd Baltic Clean Technology conference (this time in Szczecin) with around 140 attendees and preparing the lasting operation of the BCT
  • The 2nd study trip, which took place in March 2019 in France. It was devoted to the topic "Passive Houses"
  • Organisation and implementation of cross-border project development workshops and cleantech talks for SME’s from Germany, Lithuania, Sweden and Poland.
  • Participation in two international sectoral events, where the cross-border network of Cleantech SME was presented to potential customers and cooperation partners. 
  • The provision of latest information from the Cleantech market via the market research tool offered by the Clean Tech International project.
  • Presentation of latest business activities, market potentials and development contexts mainly in the Polish Cleantech sector in the context of the webinars offered by the contact points of the project Clean Tech International.
  • General awareness raising measures among SME, aiming at presenting the green technology benefits.

Activities in 2017/18

During the 2017 and 2018 appointed Contact Points have conducted a number activities for the benefit of the SME’s both in the region and outside. After thorough needs analyses of the companies from the Cleantech sector we have started developing our products and gradually offering to the SME’s. In the early 2017 all CP’s made a number of visits to all CP countries in order to familiarize with their counterparts, they visited companies and met with their representatives to communicate the idea of the Contact Point in the Cleatech project. The companies were informed that if they have any business, legal and other related issues about the foreign country they should contact respective CP. That year was also a time of successfully organized 1st Cleantech Conference in Rostock with around 150 attendees mostly SME’s representing the sector. It was a great opportunity for the international networking. Other activities that attracted more SME’s were the Cleantech talk and project development workshop where a company could share their project ideas with the virtual international audience. Another attractive event that gathered great interest was the study trip – a three day event during which all the participants enjoyed a number of visits in Danmark related to e-mobility. Eventually, we have created a website with the company database. Being on the database gives an opportunity of free promotion during many international events. The website also offers a list of frequently uploaded articles related to the cleantech sector, .that could be a source of the valuable knowledge and inspiration. And last but definitely not least the webinars- 5 interactive meetings with different topic also gathered a lot of interest. All this activities are meant to be continued for the next year of the project lifetime us well after its completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What countries take part in this project
The project consortium constitutes of 4 countries: Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Sweden

Can I receive a grant from the project for the development of my activity, which fits into the  sphere of the project’s idea.
Unfortunately our project does not foresee grants for the business activities of the SME’s. Instead it supports internationalization and enables business opportunities which in the long run guarantee potential revenues.

What is the cost of participation in the study trip?
There is no cost associated, all cost namely, transport, accommodation as well as catering is free of charge.

How does the development of e-mobility look like in Denmark?
The development of the e-mobility infrastructure is quite advanced compering to other countries that in some cases and areas has even outpaced the needs of the population.

I would like to find potential recipients of my products in Germany, How could I reach them?
Please send me the description of your needs and I will get in touch with the Contact Point in Germany with the request of taking care of your issues. As soon as I receive feedback I will let you know.

Our special offers:

Project Development Workshops:
This is business ideas in an early stage, so it could be anyone with a challenge or identified problem. Could be a start-up or more experienced SME looking for business development. The point of the development workshop is to find “where do I go from here”. Each of the presented ideas must have a clear and identified challenge. Participants could be researchers, start-ups or SMEs.

Study trips for Cleantech companies:
This a great opportunity for the companies to go for a study trip to another country in order to experience innovative technology, engage in the international cooperation, establish new business contacts and get inspiration in their daily business activities back in their home countries. 

Webinars for Cleantech SME or startups:
An offer for SME and institutions that give priority to clean technologies, innovativeness, orientation to practical use of earned knowledge and experience and have the necessary language skills to enter cross-border exchanges.