In the context of the project CLEAN TECH INTERNATIONAL, 5 webinar modules for SME from the South Baltic Sea Region were developed as specified below.

The webinars addresses SME's working on Cleantech fields green mobility, green waste & water processing, green construction & renovation and renewable energy sources. It is implemented by Cleantech experts from in Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden.

All webinars are implemented in English language. Every module lasts about 1 hour.

In case you are interested in participating in one or several of these modules, please, send a related inquiry to the contact point in your country or the country of interest. We will inform you about the next relevant dates soon afterwards.

Module 1: New opportunities for SME's in Cleantech markets of Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden

Involving experts from Germany, Lithuania, Sweden and Poland, this webinar informs about latest developments and opportunities in the Cleantech sector of these countries, which are of specific interest for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) from other countries. After related presentations, the participants get the opportunity to discuss the presented topics with the experts and ask questions particularly relevant for them. Furthermore, there is the option to get in contact with other webinar participants in the webinar and, thus, directly establish business contacts in the aforementioned countries.

Module 2: Intercultural issues relevant for SME related to the Cleantech markets in DE, SE, PL and LT

This webinar focuses on intercultural issues relevant for SME which plan to enter the Cleantech markets in Sweden, Lithuania, Poland and/or Germany. Short expert presentations for every partner country will be the basis for a joint discussion and exchange of experiences between involved experts from the relevant countries and the webinar participants.

Module 3: Learning from other experience

The webinar addressed to understanding how to enter SME's into Cleantech markets of Germany, Poland and Sweden. The ground for such knowledge are very practical experience of concrete SME’s, who just tried to recognise and enter into a foreign market of cleantech. The forum with participation of cleantech experts and SME’s representatives discover reasons and means how to be successful in innovative and very perspective business.

Module 4: „Relevant skills for successful marketing and presentation in a Cleantech field of a market"

Cleantech innovations are specific and sometimes a topic of discussion – in the business world or among the wider public. How to successfully communicate the own fields of work and how to address the target group in a suitable and topic-sensitive way even abroad, needs experience, expertise and professional skills. The webinar provides knowledge on the topic but also offers the opportunity for experience exchange on marketing and communication activities implemented so far.

Module 5: New cleantech markets through innovation procurement

The new EU-directive for procurement gives a great opportunity for Cleantech products to enter the international market via innovation procurement. The webinar will present the most relevant information on procurement regulations in Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden in brief and provide opportunities to exchange in an international participants’ consortium and with the involved experts on experiences gained so far.