Support for South Baltic Region start-ups from the Cleantech sector

Out of the objective of an overall advancement of the Cleantech sector in the SB region, including a strong cooperation within the field as well as a competitive presentation towards potential customers from and outside the SB region, the promotion of start-ups from the sector was addressed. The project consortium used the gained know-how and established networks to actively support start-ups regarding currently met challenges. The forms of support were very much oriented to the specific needs of the supported start-ups, but there were also some general objective that derived from the project focus, as for example, preparing the start-ups for international business activities by providing information related to international business activities acquired via the cross-border cooperation in the project and by helping them to get involved into concrete international cooperation. The experiences and know-how gained in 4 different start-up support processes enabled the responsible partners to develop an overall methodology of start-up support that shall serve as guidance for future related coaching activities – with in the “Clean Tech International” project, but also for third-party adaptation, towards optimum business development of Cleantech start-ups in the South Baltic area.