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Government's climate policy delivers - new climate strategy shows way to the goals


The Swedish government has forwarded a new climate strategy to its Riksdag. The strategy's starting point is that the climate issue must be integrated into all sectors of society. The government's climate policy gives effect. But it is a bit left to reach Sweden's goals, especially in the transport sector. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's analyzes show that the government's climate policy gives effect and that Sweden with current and planned instruments is close to reaching the 2030 target.

"I am proud that government policy has made us in Sweden about to achieve our goals. We're almost there. Now it is important to stick to our direction to reach all the way so that Sweden can become the world's first fossil-free welfare country, "said climate minister Isabella Lövin. The major challenge to 2030 is the transport sector's conversion into fossil freedom. In the climate strategy, the government therefore presents an action plan for fossil-free transport and electrification. The action plan contains a pallet of measures to switch to efficient vehicles, fossil fuels and transfer to rail and shipping as well as increased proportion of cycling, walking and public transport. The measures take Sweden close to the target in 2030, but further efforts will be needed to reach the end.

The climate strategy also says that the government believes that the ambition of the EU's current climate target is too low. The government wants Sweden to push the EU's climate target by 2030 from today's 40 percent reduction to about 55 percent. The government also wants to ensure that relevant EU legislation and processes contribute to achieving the long-term climate goals of the Paris Agreement, including through ambitious CO2 emissions from light and heavy vehicles. This provides fantastic opportunities for the cleantech market to support the transition to fossil freedom.


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