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Wind energy development in the West Pomerania. Accession to EU triggered off significant changes


Poland's accession to the European Union in 2004 significantly influenced the production of electricity generated from wind energy. Based on data from the Polish Wind Energy Association (PWEA), the amount of electricity generated by wind turbines, since the accession of Poland to the European Union by 2013 has increased by more than 30 times. Among all the regions it is the West Pomerania which is the leading wind energy producer in Poland. Total power of all devices is 1129 MW, which represents 30.7% of the total power of wind turbines in Poland. (

Such a high share of domestic energy production was possible thanks to a favorable wind conditions in the region, creation of special economic zones, and most importantly effective utilization of the business opportunities by the global investors. In addition to the numerous wind farms in the region, well-known companies such as LM Wind Power, the rotor blade manufacturer and KK Wind Solutions electrical systems for wind turbines, have also invested, benefiting the regional labour market and increasing the economic activity


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