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The myth on damage of electricity grids by clean energy is broken


The growing reliance by U.S. energy markets on low-cost wind and other clean power sources is a key part of the solution, not a problem, for ensuring the reliability, resilience and security of America's electric grid, the seven top U.S. grid operators told a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing on "Powering America" July 26. PJM, the nation's largest electricity wholesale market, said its power generation fleet is "more diverse than it's ever been, more reliable than it's ever been and prices are lower than they've ever been." In his remarks, Craig Glazer, PJM's VP for federal government policy, echoed and reinforced comments by other leaders of the U.S. wholesale power markets. Another – significantly aged and opposite to clean energy growth position stated Lithuanian State owned electricity grid operators. They require, that wind and solar energy suppliers should pay for grids balancing. This can‘t be explained in another way as constructing barriers to clean energy growth in Lithuania.

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