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CTI Contact Point c/o enviMV e.V.
Dipl.-Kffr. Silvia Kohlmann
Petridamm 26, D 18146 Rostock

Contact Person

Dipl.-Kffr. Silvia Kohlmann / Network Manager of enviMV

Silvia Kohlmann has a diploma in business administration and studied at the University of Rostock, Germany and at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. She has long term experiences in network and project management in the area environmental technologies and chemistry. She planned and implemented various research and development projects with regional, national and international funding.

She also works for international companies for the project development in emerging countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Cuba and China.

Silvia speaks, besides her mother tongue German, fluently English and Spanish, she understands Portuguese, French and Italian.


Waste separation, waste management, thermal utilization, waste-to-energy, renewable energies, energy efficiency, internationalization, innovation management, broad network to SME, public authorities, associations, research institutions

Activities in 2017/18

The focus of the work 2017/2018 was to provide information, contacts and events for SMEs. Information was provided by SME to the website via the Market research tool. We provided contacts by the presentation system to them. We organized regional and international events like forum power plants, dialog on waste management and a joint booth at the international fair IFAT. We supported the SME in these events to get the latest information on environmental technologies and to connect to other SMEs. We gave them the change to present their products and service to potential customers and partners. During the study trip we supported the SMEs to meet companies from neighbouring countries and to get information about new technologies. In the webinars we selected SMEs to experience a new tool to present their competence. We supported the SMEs in the Baltic Clean Technology conference to exchange information and get in contact with other SMEs.

Frequently asked questions

Which networks exist in the area of environmental technologies to support us as SME?

  • enviMV - Network for environmental technologies from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (regional level)
  • CIO - Cleantech Initiative Eastern Germany (national level)
  • EREF - European renewable energy federation (European level)

Which fairs in other countries could be interesting for us as SME?
Website (English available) provides helpful information and offers a database for an extensive search regarding country, topic, time, etc.

Which funding can we obtain as SME?
Website provides helpful information and offers a database for an extensive search regarding available funding on different levels

Where can we identify partners from other countries for international joint projects?
Ask contact points of the South Baltic Cleantech International project in Sweden, Poland, Lithuania and Germany

What are obstacles in the international business for SMEs?
Intercultural differences, different laws and regulations, other language and history, different food and maybe different time zone and climate, please check our webinar on business culture and different approaches for doing business in foreign countries

Our special offers:

Project Development Workshops:
This is business ideas in an early stage, so it could be anyone with a challenge or identified problem. Could be a start-up or more experienced SME looking for business development. The point of the development workshop is to find “where do I go from here”. Each of the presented ideas must have a clear and identified challenge. Participants could be researchers, start-ups or SMEs.

Study trips for Cleantech companies:
This a great opportunity for the companies to go for a study trip to another country in order to experience innovative technology, engage in the international cooperation, establish new business contacts and get inspiration in their daily business activities back in their home countries. 

Webinars for Cleantech SME or startups:
An offer for SME and institutions that give priority to clean technologies, innovativeness, orientation to practical use of earned knowledge and experience and have the necessary language skills to enter cross-border exchanges.