Contact Points

Contact Details

Public Institution Strategic Self-Management Institute
Baltijos pr. 123-61, LT-93224 Klaipeda Lithuania
Tel: +370 655 39295

Contact Person

PR. Dr. Stasys Paulauskas / CEO of Public Institution Strategic Self-Management institute

Head of the contact point is professor doctor Stasys Paulauskas, CEO of Public Institution Strategic Self- Management institute, working in all stages of sustainable innovation: basic research, applied research, development and commercialisation. Prof. Stasys Paulauskas is establisher of Lithuanian wind power branch and President of Lithuanian Wind Energy Association, member of Steering Committee of Baltic Off shore wind energy Forum BaSOF.


Here SMS’s can receive knowledge and practical aid for enhancing international cooperation in fields of Cleantech innovations:
1. Green mobility solutions
2. Green waste and waste water processing
3. Green house-building/restauration technologies
4. Renewable energy technologies

Activities in 2018/19

Over the last 12 months, the Lithuanian contact point supported SME from its own country as well as from the other South Baltic countries with the following activities:

  • Development of 5 different webinar modules and organisation of monthly webinars on different Cleantech topics from 2018 on
  • Organisation of a study trip plus visit at the energy fair Habitat in Colmar for 8 SME representatives from Lithuania in March 2019
  • Organisation of a project development workshop in Klaipeda with Cleantech SME from Sweden and Lithuania in April 2019.
  • Participation in opening ceremony of Klaipeda Fair” Energy 2019” together Swedish SME and contact point representatives to promote the cross-border cooperation on the topic.
  • Establishment of the contact between the cross-border Cleantech network established in the Clean Tech International project and the Lithuanian CleanTech cluster
  • Contribution to the development of a concept on the continuation of the Baltic Clean Technology concept with Lithuanian involvement
  • Round table discussion on Cleantech and Cleantech SME and presentation of „Neringa CleanTech Innovations“in Nida resort in May 2019.
  • Arrangement of a Cleantech Talk in Klaipeda in combination with a simultaneous event in Rostock to interlink Cleantech SME from Lithuania and Germany

In addition, the Lithuanian contact point was very active in publishing information on Cleantech topics and achieved the following results.

  • 64 publications and share of articles on cleantech issues on Facebook page of project Clean Tech International
  • 6 Articles published on SSI web site
  • 6 articles on market research placed into data base of CTI website
  • 6 publications on Lithuania CleanTech cluster information portal



Activities in 2017/18

During the last years we have been able to offer many activities to Cleantech SMEs through the project. Both the conference of 2017 and the study visit in spring 2018 gained a lot of interest, not only for the project but also for the initiative to coordinate the support of Cleantech business in the region. We have now a good relation to networks of institutions in both regions promoting start-ups. This has provided a fruitful interaction with many of the Cleantech SMEs participating in webinars and showing interest in Cleantech talks and project development workshops. It has been very clear that specific Cleantech network was needed in the region and discussions are now taking place how to continue after the project ends in 2019. In Lithuania States’ policy and Klaipeda region practice dominates large business which uses polluted technologies in transport, port load, etc. Clean tech SME’s opportunities are weak. SO, why SB project Cleantech International is so important in Lithuania and Sea coast region. It enforced activity of scientific and innovation companies in region. Benefit of CTI project is evident. Lithuanian SME’s participated and takes part in organized project events, e.g. Cleantech conferences, webinars, study visits, etc. Publications on Cleantech issues helps to attract attention of authorities to needs of SME’ and Cleantech importance.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have a registered company to participate in the project activities?
No, it´s enough if you have a Cleantech business idea.  

What are the main historical reasons to turn towards clean technologies?
Growth of human demands on security and health, also climate change

If I´m not planning to go international for the moment, how could the project be of assistance?
The project provides a great opportunity to check if others have a similar idea or could provide B2B to enhance your business development.

What is the most common exclusivity of clean technologies?
They assure operation and production based on closed cycle and avoiding of any waste - materials, gases, noise, fields and other which, could make negative impact into environment and humans health.

What are the benefits from publishing my company on the projects website?
Part from the fact that this is the only website gathering south Baltic cleantech businesses, the companies’ information will also be used in our fair module where every visitor can find information about your company. The fairs where we participate reaches over 40.000 people.

Which are the most known clean technologies you promote?
Green mobility, solar and wind energy, green waste and water processing, smart houses, sustainable house building and renovation, modular (container) load, etc.

Does it cost anything to participate?
No, only when we travel to conferences or study visits some meals are not included. Normally all travel and accommodation costs are covered by the project.          

Here exists opinion, that clean technologies are expensive and for SME’s they aren’t the best way to enter into market?
On the contrary, investment flows in Europe are mainly oriented into clean technologies, because they are advanced and reduces financial risk. Innovative SME’s are more flexible comparing to large business, and they have better conditions to enter into market with new clean goods and services.

Can I talk to you if I have a Cleantech business idea?
Yes, we have two events for making good ideas better. First, is the project development workshop where you can get ideas on how to set up your business. Then, we have Cleantech talks where you can present your business idea and find partners.   

Who could help to receive deeper information on SME’s participation in project opportunities?
CleanTech contact point of your country, who you can find in this website. 

Our special offers:

Project Development Workshops:
This is business ideas in an early stage, so it could be anyone with a challenge or identified problem. Could be a start-up or more experienced SME looking for business development. The point of the development workshop is to find “where do I go from here”. Each of the presented ideas must have a clear and identified challenge. Participants could be researchers, start-ups or SMEs.

Study trips for Cleantech companies:
This a great opportunity for the companies to go for a study trip to another country in order to experience innovative technology, engage in the international cooperation, establish new business contacts and get inspiration in their daily business activities back in their home countries. 

Webinars for Cleantech SME or startups:
An offer for SME and institutions that give priority to clean technologies, innovativeness, orientation to practical use of earned knowledge and experience and have the necessary language skills to enter cross-border exchanges.