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Gensoric GmbH

Company profile

Our vision is a world independent of fossil fuels.


Our goal is to replace the central supply of fossil fuels for heat and energy generation.

To get there, we developed the first power-to-liquid and CO2 conversion system in the world.

Our willpower energy® system makes it possible to produce and store your own methanol fuel using infinitely available resources: CO2, water, and renewable energy.

The clean fuel is easy to handle and can easily be stored and used for heating or generating electricity.


Where we are now:


Gensoric’s willpower energy® technology is one of the few projects supported by the H2020 SME-Instrument program.

Because of that, we are part of the “Innovations Champions League.”

We are using this support to help finance our pilot studies and pilot plant, which is being developed in close collaboration with Skytree, Fraunhofer, und the Helmholz-Institute.

By connecting willpower energy’s platform technology of “electrochemistry on directly heated electrodes“ with the biocatalytic conversion of CO2 to methanol, the activity and yield of the reaction will be increased immensely without modifying the newest enzymes.


Green energy and Storage

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Investment goods , Service and maintenance , SME-related consulting

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Investment goods , Service and maintenance , SME-related consulting

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SME , R&D institution , University , Network

Deutsche Med Platz 2
18057 Rostock
Contact Person
Uta Hermes
+49 381 33707338