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Ostmecklenburgisch-Vorpommersche Verwertungs- und Deponie GmbH

Company profile

The Ostmecklenburgisch-Vorpommersche Verwertungs- und Deponie GmbH (OVVD) is a local waste disposal company of the municipalities Mecklenburgische Seenplatte, Vorpommern-Greifswald, Vorpommern-Ruegen and the city of Neubrandenburg.


The OVVD operates a landfill for municipal solid waste in Rosenow since 1997, according to state of the art techniques as well as 5 waste transfer stations. For the operation of a mechanical biological treatment plant, adjacent to the landfill, the private and civil economical company ABG Ostmecklenburgisch-Vorpommersche Abfallbehandlungs- und -entsorgungsgesellschaft mbH was founded.


Landfill Rosenow

-2 landfill areas with each 16 ha

-gas capture system and combined heat and power station (heat utilization for own demand, electricity for public net)

-leachate collection and treatment plant


Mechanical Biological Treatment Plant

-input: municipal solid waste, commercial waste, bulky waste, organic fraction, production residues (capacity: 190.000 tons per year)

-mechanical treatment: crushing, screening, separation, near-infrared separation

-biological treatment: intensive rotting + post rotting

-output: refuse derived fuel, wood, iron metal, non-iron metal, biological material, heavy fraction


Logistic System

-5 waste transfer stations (loose/pressed loading)

-transport container system (roll-off) for street and train traffic


Waste management and recycling

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Others: Company

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Service and maintenance

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Service and maintenance

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SME , R&D institution , Network

Zum Kranichmoor
17091 Rosenow
Contact Person
Eiko Potreck
+49 3 96 02 2 96-0
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