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The Telšiai Deaf and Hearing disabled people Society (TKND) has been operating since March 1996. TKND unites Deaf and Hearing disabled people and their family members. The association has 80 members from 6 to 91 years old.

The main activities:

1. Take care of the rights and freedoms of hearing impaired persons.

2. Promotes the independence and integration of these individuals in to society. Members participate in various social actions "Darom", "I decorate the city", etc .; city events; commemorations, etc.

3. Provide information services to hearing impaired persons (compensation for the purchase of hearing advices, maintenance, consultations and, if necessary, accompanied by medical facilities for determining the level of hearing, other medical receiving services;

4. Provide translation to sign language services

5. Helps for people with hearing impairment realize rights to work and education.

6. Helps for people with hearing impairment realize rights to rest and sport. The TKND is preparing and carry out social projects, so the members can free use of the pool in Telšiai, one of the sports and fitness facilities, open-air squares.

7. Disseminates information about hearing impaired people live and activities. Provide lectures in Telšiai city schools, train the basis of sign language.

8. Helps persons with hearing impairment to realize the right to self-realization. Members of the TKND perform songs in sign language during city events and festivals, presents its handicrafts.



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Robertas Kavolius
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