BUW Bildungsinstitut für Umweltschutz und Wasserwirtschaft Neubrandenburg e. V.

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Founded in 1991 the state-approved institute is an innovative, competent and powerful facility for education and further instruction. The education takes place in modern equipped buildings, workshops and laboratories. BUW is a cooperation partner of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Neubrandenburg and a member of the association of education and further training Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Zentralverband Aus- und Weiterbildung Mecklenburg- Vorpommern (ZAW)) and owner of the seal of quality of the association since 1995.


Facilities of the institute:

-Vocational school for technology

-Higher vocational school for technology

-Competence centre for metal and welding engineering

-Competence centre for biotechnology


Services of the institute:

-Vocational preliminary

-Vocational training

-Accompanied training assistance

-Further training

-Advanced training

-Education of technicians

-Education of specialists and executive staff



-Approved water master

-Approved waste water master

-Approved foreman for mechatronics

-Approved foreman for metal

-Approved technician

-Laboratory techniques

-Approved medical representative


-Control technology - SPS , electro-pneumatics and hydraulics

-Metal industry CNC– cutting technique

-International welding training

-Automatic welding

-Laser welding and cutting

-Vehicle paintwork technology

-Health care


Professional education:

-Specialist for water supply technology

-Specialist for waste water technology

-Specialist for waste management

-Specialist for sewerage

-Assistant for environmental protection

-Technical assistant for informatics

-Specialist for mechatronics

-Electronic technician

-Construction mechanic

-Cutting mechanic

-Industrial mechanic

-Plant mechanic

-Process mechanic

-Production mechanic


More educational services depending on the demand of municipalities and companies. BUW is service provider and partner of more than 700 companies and several networks.


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Others: asssociation

Type of products / services provided

Service and maintenance , Others: Eduation and training

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Service and maintenance Eduation and training

Type of organisation:

SME , Research Institution

Helmut-Just-Straße 8
17036 Neubrandenburg
Contact Person
Dieter Grundmann
+49 395 76931-0
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