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CTI Contact Point c/o enviMV e.V.
Dr. Olaf Schätzchen
Petridamm 26, D 18146 Rostock

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Dr. Olaf Schätzchen / Business & Network Manager of enviMV.

Olaf Schätzchen is graduated civil engineer for agro-sciences, post-graduated in environmental law. He is long term experienced in biomaterial and waste management and energy, project development and expertise. He is an active member of task forces and business associations in M-WP, esp. in commissions for environment, climate protection and energy. Olaf works also as consultant and coach for investors, protagonists and stakeholder groups in the energy transition, participation and future communities.


B2B in construction, building and operating recycling and waste-to-energy, sustainable resource management, market uptake of relevant innovation, going abroad and JV on third merging markets, sales