Coming Events

BCT – Baltic Clean Technology – Pilot Conference of the newly established South Baltic Cleantech Network.

28. - 29. September 2017 Rostock, Germany

2nd SUBMARINER Conference - Better off Blue

27. - 28. September 2017 Berlin, Germany

A huge amount of activity is happening in the field of blue bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region – both under the umbrella of the SUBMARINER Network and through independent initiatives among its members and beyond. Following the launch of the SUBMARINER Roadmap during the 1st SUBMARINER Conference in Gdańsk in September 2013, the 2nd SUBMARINER Conference will make the most of this activity by:

  • Uniting the actors working for progress towards a blue bioeconomy and bio-based society in the Baltic Sea Region;
  • Showcasing advances, create synergies and stimulate active cooperation between the multitude of ongoing projects under the SUBMARINER Network umbrella and beyond;
  • Offering an excellent matchmaking opportunity with time for structured and informal networking;
  • Positioning the Network, its stakeholders and actions with a view to the European Commission’s Implementation Strategy for Blue Growth in the Baltic Sea Region and look beyond the BSR to the European and global context.

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Oceans Week

5. - 17. June 2017 Halifax, Canada

Cleantech International will present SME from all SB countries on the OceansWeek in Halifax & the H2O Home to Overseas Conference on June 5th to 7th 2017. As part of the Worlds Ocean Day Celebration, Halifax will host the H20 Hometo Overseas Conference. This annual conference is an ideal event to engage with local ocean technology industry. Representatives of the CTI project will present the network members and activities there and contribute to strengthening the Cleantech dimension of the conference.

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International Advanced Biofuels Conference – For Aviation, Maritime and Land Transport!

17. - 19. May 2017 Gothenburg, Sweden

Forum Kraftwerke - the expert forum on power plants.

4. - 5. April 2017 Wismar, Germany

Pellets 2017

31. January - 1. February 2017 Kalmar (at Kalmar Castle), Sweden

The annual pellet conference in collaboration with the Swedish Pellet Association (PelletsFörbundet).

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